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Cool Tools points America to these ultra-bright bike lights from Dinotte. The lamps get laid been round for A elite class now, merely equally we begin the fall (in the Northern cerebral hemisphere Laotian monetary unit least), rockers should cost cerebration most about sort of illumination.

What makes the Dinotte lights special? They're bright. 600 lumens bright. That's just under half the light supplied by a 100W incandescent bulb. The lamps run on lithium ion batteries and come with a host of accessories — charger, helmet mount, straps, handlebar bracket and extension cable.

That accessory package sounds pretty neat, but when you discover the price of the light, you'll see that these extra bits of plastic are almost mandatory. The 600L-LI-4C costs $400. There are cheaper models, but you won't get anything for less than $100.

If you're a proper cyclist (by which we mean you use your bike as your main form of transport), the safety aspect of these lights might be worth it. Plus they just look cool. As Tim Langeman writes on Cool Tools, "One person actually thought there were police flashers coming from around the bend in the road!"

Just don't leave them on the bike when you park.

Product page [Dinotte via Cool Tools]