Parrot iPod Speakers Would Make Steve Jobs Proud

There's no dearth of iPod speakers out there. But here's one that will warm the heart of Apple designers.

Parrot, which is better known for its wireless headsets, has collaborated with designer Philippe Starck to create wireless tower-style floor speakers that looks pretty sleek.

It's not just all outer beauty, says the company. The speakers are feature-packed.

The 2.5-feet tall speakers called 'Zikmu' have the usual–a docking station that charges the iPod and a remote control.

But wait.. there's more. The two speakers communicate with each other using Bluetooth and any be positioned anywhere in the room. It also is Wi-Fi enabled so users can stream music directly from a PC or music stored on a mobile.

The speakers, which offer 100W RMS total power output, is expected to be available for Spring 2009. At $1500, though, it's no steal.